Portcullis v. Kemnay - Saturday, 02 June, 2012

Toss was won by Kemnay, who chose to field.

Portcullis : 284 for 4 (30).

Kemnay : 71 all out (7).

Portcullis comes out on top against Kemnay 2nds in Grade 4 nail-biter...

There were 87 overs of play at Sheddocksley after which Portcullis took all the points and rose to the top of Grade 4 and remained unbeaten in 2012.

Portcullis lost the toss and was put in to bat on a chilly afternoon at Sheddocksley. Mo Farrooq and newcomer Gary Steward opened the batting for Portcullis and made a steady start helped by the fact that Kemnay’s opening bowler bowled 6 wides in his first over. However after scoring two fours and looking like he was getting his eye in Mo was bowled for just 9 after swinging and missing and losing his off stump. Anthony Padmaraj came at 3 and after proving what he could do with the ball last week proved he could also bat and he and Gary started to move the score on a bit. Tony and Gary were batting very sensibly and put on an impressive partnership and were worrying the Kemnay bowlers so much that they brought on a injured player to bowl who was hit for 22 off his two overs, that was the last we seen of him. Tony was going along nicely and soon got his half century, however was finally dismissed after scooping a delivery up to mid on where a Kemnay fielder manage to get underneath it. Tony scored an impressive 68 with 9 fours. If Kemnay had thought they have finally made a breakthrough they were wrong as a brilliant cameo 19 from captain Kannan in just 14 balls saw portcullis push past 200. Kannan suffered the same fate as Tony and was caught at long on as well. Meanwhile Gary was playing some beautiful cricket and although scoring 28 consecutive singles he started to open up a little but and his fifty was long up by this point. With the help of Usman Naseem, Gary was edging closer to Portcullis’s first century since 2009. He was even closer after smashing two sixes back over the head of the bowler to bring him up to 97. Kemnay however managed to secure another wicket fortunately for Gary it was Usman who was caught at mid wicket for 24. In came Dave Mitchell and Portcullis were closing in on 300 mainly due to the fact that Gary had reached his splendid Century after 4 fours and 2 sixes and a load of singles. Portcullis captain Kannan decided to declare after 44 overs to give Portcullis a good chance of bowling Kemnay out. A wonderful innings from Portcullis set a statement out to the league… We can bat! Dave finished on 22 not out and Gary finished on a wonderful 105 not out. Portcullis weren’t celebrating just yet as they still had to bowl out Kemnay who were inevitably going to play for the draw.

Portcullis opening bowlers were going to have a tough task ahead of them to try and dislodge the ultra defensive opening batsmen, surprisingly in the first over opening bowler Jay Raj got an important breakthrough by taking the wicket of the Kemnay captain after a solid catch from Gary. It was then Dave’s turn to have a shot at removing the other opener but was proved unsuccessful and this was a reoccurring thing. Despite this Jay was on fire with the ball and took another wicket in the next over followed by another two wickets leaving him with a hatrick ball following a good catch from veteran Bob Adie. Portcullis had made an encouraging start having taken 4 wickets however the other Kemnay opener had escaped Portcullis’s attempts of taking his wicket. And this proved momentarily costly as Kemnay’s sixth batsmen and opener stayed in and frustrated the Portcullis bowlers for 15 overs. This was until Portcullis decided to brush the dust off their most valuable antique and let him loose on the Kemnay Batsmen. Shortly after Bob Adie took the wicket of the Kemnay’s 6th batsmen following a good catch from Jayraj. Kemnay however were not finished tormenting the Portcullis bowling attack and the draw was starting to look more likely as there was only 10 overs of play left. Alas a bit of crafty bowling from spinner Tony saw him take 4 wickets in just 3 overs leaving Portcullis with the perfect opportunity to take all 30 points from this game. The game was not over though as the Kemnay opening batsmen was desperately trying to get on strike to play out the remaining 7 overs. His efforts were useless as incredible off-cutter from Dave Mitchell saw him lose his middle stump and wrap up the game for Portcullis.

A Wonderful batting display and a courageous fielding performance from Portcullis has seen them rise to the top of Grades and has definitely sent a message out to Grade 4… Portcullis is the team to beat!

Tuesday, 05 June, 2012

Innings of Portcullis

#NameR46How OutBowlerKeeperFielderComments
2G.Steward10542Not out
6D.Mitchell2221Not out
7R.CollinsonDid not bat
8B.AdieDid not bat
9S.HillDid not bat
10J.RajDid not bat
11N.SalimDid not bat
Leg Byes0
No Balls3

Innings of Kemnay

#NameR46How OutBowlerKeeperFielderComments
11G.FowlieDid not bat
Leg Byes1
No Balls4