AGSFP 2nds v. Portcullis - Saturday, 05 July, 2014

Toss was won by Portcullis, who chose to field.

AGSFP 2nds : 235 for 6 (30).

Portcullis : 80 all out (9).

Trio make debut – but Portcullis lose again.

Match Nine of the 2014 Grade Three season saw Portcullis on their travels as they made the short trip to Rubislaw to take on AGSFP 2nds.

It was a depleted Portcullis team who made their way onto the pitch. The front three bowling attack of Dave Mitchell, Muhammad Farooq and Rob Owen were unavailable and, with a lot of call offs again, Portcullis took the historic step of giving THREE players their Portcullis debuts. Alan Hatto, Duncan Scutt and Paul Stewart all were making their debuts for the Green Caps in this match. A case of Opportunity Knocks for the debutant Portcullisians.

With both the Captain and Vice-Captain unavailable, it was down to ex-skipper Kannan Vijayakrishnan to once again handle the Captaincy duties.

His first task was to win the toss against his AGSFP’s counterpart Magesh Devendran. Kannan duly did and had no hesitation in putting the home team in.

With such a change about in personnel within the Portcullis ranks the opening bowling pair took on a new look. A return-to-form Jayaraj Raj took the new cherry along with debutant Alan Hatto. Both had impressed during Wednesday’s practice and Vijayakrishnan took the wise choice of bestowing the new nut to this pair.

For AGSFP 2nds the pairing of Matt Barker and Kieran Whyte who would take the attack to Portcullis.

The first exchanges went to Portcullis. With Jayaraj Raj keeping it tight at one end, it was Alan Hanna who made the breakthrough for the Green Caps. His debut wicket came in the form of Matt Barker, as he got one to move deceiving the AGSFP 2nds opener and impressively knocking out his middle pole. AGSFP 2nds 5-1.

5-1 soon became 9-2 as Hatto grabbed his second wicket bowling a unfortunate Whyte with a quick full toss that Whyte lost sight of.

This meant that AGSFP 2nds had a new batting partnership of Paul McDonald and John Eagles at the crease. The pair immediately took the fight back to Portcullis as, McDonald in particular, struck out. McDonald struck lucky early doors as he mistimed a pull off the bowling of Raj. The ball shot skywards only for Winstanley to unfortunately miss out as the sun blinded the luckless Portcullis fielder and drop safely for the AGSFP batsman.

With no further luck for the opening Portcullis pair, Vijayakrishnan shook things up by bringing on Simon Winstanley and Ronnie Falconer for Raj and Hatto. A wise move as the AGSFP pair seemed to get comfortable with the previous pairing.

Falconer had the most illuminating first over. It consisted of 10 balls, five runs conceded and a wicket. The usual slow medium filth annoyed McDonald enough to chase a wide one which he clipped loosely towards point where Richard Collinson who took the catch at the second attempt.

AGFSP 2nds 62-3. A fine partnership of 54 had been recorded in quick time. It was the turn of M. Narayanan to join John Eagles at the crease. The pair added 55 for the fourth wicket partnership.

In the meantime Vijayakrishnan mixed things around, as Falconer and Winstanley had no further joy. Vijayakrishnan brought himself onto bowl at Falconer’s end, moving Falconer onto Winstanley’s end. The move almost brought an instant result as Falconer almost captured Eagles twice only for the chances to go a begging.

Vijayakrishnan took the fourth wicket. He hoodwinked Narayanan to spiral one skywards and Sahoo was on hand with his keeper’s gloves to take the catch.

Only two further wickets fell. One more to Vijayakrishnan as Eagles, having made an excellent fifty belted one high towards mid-off. Hatto made tremendous ground in very quick time to take a spectacular one-handed catch inches from the ground!! A tremendous catch!

Jayaraj Raj took Portcullis’s final wicket as he bowled Elia Gubbala for an excellent 44.

With A. Khan 9 not out and Vishal Desai 21 not out, AGSFP 2nds declared at 215-6 in 42 overs. This meant that the activated draw rule was in place.

After a fine tea Portcullis opened up their innings with Ronnie Falconer and Ranjan Sahoo whilst AGSFP 2nds opened their bowling with the impressive pairing of Kieran Whyte and Vishal Desai.

Falconer and Sahoo took the score 15 before Sahoo was first to go bowled by Desai. Falconer followed soon after as he was bowled for a 26 ball duck.

Debutants Alan Hatto and Duncan Scutt came to the crease next. They left soon after as Portcullis went to 19-4 as Desai bowled Hatto and Whyte bowled Scutt to take two wickets apiece.

Things were looking glum for Portcullis at 19-4. Thankfully the new pair at the crease, Kannan Vijayakrishnan and Jayaraj Raj, took stock of the situation. They completed the task of seeing the Whyte and Desai and lead a spirited fight back of sorts.

Vijayakrishnan looked to be in good touch; thankfully the responsibility of Captaincy did not affect his form in this match. He played in a chanceless carefree fashion that was pleasing to the eye. Raj played well for his short stint at the crease and got to six before Chovatiya bowled him with a full toss he misjudged. One each on the bowled by a full toss front then.

Richard Collinson was next at the crease to join Vijayakrishnan. It was gratifying to see he was in good touch and joined Vijayakrishnan in making the Portcullis score a bit more respectable. The pair took the score to 76 before Vijayakrishnan skied one off the bowling of Chovatiya and was caught easily by Barker.

Bob Adie joined Collinson at the crease. In the meantime AGSFP’s brought John Eagles and Magesh Devendran to replace Chovatiya and Stuart. Devendran struck first bowling Adie for one.

This only set up the grand finale for the lethal John Eagles to mop up the Portcullis tail.

Winstanley was first up. A rather splendid four opened his account. Sadly a rush of blood of the head followed this and he was duly bowled.

Max Sheridan was next but he was bamboozled by the flight of Eagles’s next ball and was also bowled. This left Eagles the debutant Paul Stewart to complete his hat trick.

Eagle’s next ball did beat Stewart. It also beat the stumps. As Stewart had strayed a little out of his crease the ball also beat Paul McDonald and his gloves and the stumping was gone a begging.

Stewart did not keep us waiting however. For what can only be called a debutante’s yahoo he took an almighty heave at a straight one and he too was bowled.

Portcullis 80 all out. Disappointing but respectable. Kannan Vijayarishnan top scored with 30 whilst Richard Collinson remained unbeaten on 14 not out. Ranjan Sahoo was the only other Portcullis player to get into double figures, scoring 11.

For AGSFP 2nds, John Eagles finished with tidy figures of 3-5. He was backed up by coincidentally by Kieran Whyte, Vishal Desai and Hemalkumar Chovatiya who all finished with 2-15. The remaining wicket went to Magesh Devendran (1-0).

This result meant that Portcullis were still deep in relegation trouble whilst AGSFP 2nds were still odds on favourites for promotion. AGSFP 2nds are also in the fight for the Grade Three title as well and it is going to be a tight finish between them, Kemnay-Kintore and Academy.


KANNAN VIJAYAKRISHNAN –no contest really. A fine knock of 30 with the bat and bowling figures of 2-21. He also made a grand job of skippering a pretty weak Portcullis side.


The tepid rain that delayed the match but thankfully did not postpone it. Apart form that a good day had by all.


Alan Hanna’s catch to dismiss John Eagles from the bowling of Kannan Vijayakrishnan. It was a almighty heave that went into the mid-on area. Alan sprinted in from the deep, hurled himself forward, and took a cracking one-handed catch inches from the ground!!


The one and only JOHN EAGLES. 60 with the bat and 3-5 with the ball. His all-round game was too much for Portcullis this day.

Friday, 11 July, 2014

Innings of AGSFP 2nds

#NameR46How OutBowlerKeeperFielderComments
7A.Khan9Not out
8V.Desai21Not out
9G.StuartDid not bat
10M.DevendranDid not bat
11ChovatyaDid not bat
Leg Byes0
No Balls3

Innings of Portcullis

#NameR46How OutBowlerKeeperFielderComments
7R.Collinson14Not out
Leg Byes0
No Balls0