Ellon 2nds v. Portcullis - Saturday, 19 April, 2014

Toss was won by Ellon 2nds, who chose to bat.

Ellon 2nds : 181 all out.

Portcullis : 83 all out.

Promising Start Despite early defeat.

Saturday 19th April saw Portcullis open their 2014 season with a much-needed friendly before the start of the 2014 season. It was therefore appropriate that Portcullis opened up their season with their friendly rivals Ellon CC.

Despite it being the opening game of the season, being played in pleasant weather and within splendid surroundings, Portcullis could only muster 9 players to partake in this match whilst equally bizarrely Ellon could only acquire 10! A symptom of the Easter Holidays!

New skipper Dave Mitchell and his Ellon counterpart Chris Watson therefore came to the conclusion it would be in everyone’s interests that Ellon batted first.

Ellon, sporting a strong looking line up, opened the batting with Brian Veldsman and Scott White. For Portcullis, they would open their bowling attack with Muhammad Farooq and the returning Rob Owen.

Early exchanges were about even. The first four overs reaping 19 runs for Ellon whilst Portcullis captured a wicket. Muhammad Farooq was the Portcullis bowler to take the first wicket for Portcullis in 2014. He induced Scott White to drive an uppish shot towards mid-off where Scott’s brother Craig, a sub fielder, took an excellent catch somewhat sheepishly inches from the ground.

This brought Ben Webb to the crease to join Veldsman at the crease. The pair soon got into the rhythm of the game, enjoying 2nd wicket partnership of 48 with a series on splendid shots, the cream of them being drives for fours and sixes!

Despite the Ellon onslaught Portcullis stuck to their task. Mitchell replaced Farooq after 3 overs whilst Owen plugged away at the other end. Owen’s perseverance brought about Portcullis’s next wicket when he deservedly captured the wicket of Webb for 33.

Ellon 61-2.

Webb was then replaced at the crease by Woolridge-Gordon. The change in batting personnel did not change the pace of the game though as Ellon simply continued as before. Portcullis to their credit plugged away, not letting the onslaught get them down. Clark Cameron eventually replaced Owen whilst Mitchell brought Umair Qureshi to replace himself.

Veldsman decided to retire on 50 with an excellent six over mid-on off young Cameron’s bowling. It was then said that Cameron brought about Veldsman demise! Young Cameron bowled well in his spell and was deservedly rewarded by bowling Craig White with a ball that nipped back.

Ellon 113-3.

Qureshi also got into the act bowling Chris Watson for 4 with a straight one during his spell. Ellon 131-4. Portcullis climbing back into the match.

Farooq then replaced Cameron whilst Usman Naseem replaced Qureshi. Both changes brought wickets as Portcullis came further back into the match.

Farooq, with his useful change to off-spin, drew Woolridge-Gordon into mistiming his drive taking a good caught and bowled whilst Naseem bowled Greenfield for 1.

Mitchell, satisfied with his frontline bowlers workout, decided it was time to bring the cabaret on. The opening act being Falconer to produce some slow medium filth.

This change of pace to the game brought the close of the match and proved sometimes that cricket, on occasions can be an unfair game.

Falconer’s third ball of his first over, a wide long-hop, was gratefully received by Hutcheson. In his haste however, he mistimed his drive inducing an edge that looped up towards Farooq where he took his second catch of the match.

The first ball of Falconer’s second over drew a conclusion to the match. Mark White’s eyes lit up as he went to pull Falconer’s ball through square leg. His eagerness was his undoing however as the ball was too slow and he was through the shot before it reached him. The result was it rapped him on the pads in front of the stumps and he was given out lbw.

Ellon 181 all out.

Falconer, without blushing once, finished with 2-6 whilst Farooq had a more honest 2-32. There were also wickets for Owen, Cameron, Qureshi and Naseem.

After a lovely tea, Portcullis set about preparing the reply.

Mitchell decided to open with Mannofield loan signing Cameron and the reliable Dave Forbes whilst Portcullis opened the bowling with Mark White and Hamish Paterson.

Disaster struck early for young Cameron. After playing a few early deliveries confidently, he perhaps misjudged the width of the offside boundary (which was very short as the wicket was cut on the edge of the square) and called for a single that was just not on. A shame as he was showing promise and confidence during his short time at the crease. Portcullis 3-1.

Qureshi joined Forbes at the crease. The partnership lasted 8 runs before Forbes departed for 5.

11-2 became 17-3 ass Farooq came and went spectacularly. He hit a lovely six and on his next shot he mistimed a pull from White and was caught by Veldsman.

At this point Qureshi took the game to Ellon, putting the meat on the bones of the Portcullis’s innings. Surviving an early scare, the left-handed Qureshi tore into the Ellon bowling attack. With a sumptuous knock of 52 that included 3 sixes, five fours and a five, Qureshi’s strokeplay was simply sublime. His immaculate timing and superb strokeplay the highlight of the Portcullis innings.

At the other end Adie, Owen, Naseem and Mitchell all went for single figures and Falconer was left stranded on 1 not out.

Portcullis 83 all out.

Although a big defeat, a lot was taken out of this match for Portcullis. All 9 players got a bat whilst seven if them got a bowl (and Adie coming on next!).


Umair Qureshi with 52 not out and 1-17 from 5 overs. A classy display!!


Ronnie Falconer for returning figures of 2-6. Claiming the glory with slow medium filth after his bowling colleagues softened up the opposition for him. Not for the first time either!

Monday, 21 April, 2014

Innings of Ellon 2nds

#NameR46How OutBowlerKeeperFielderComments
1B.Veldsman5134Retired Out
9H.Paterson10Not out
Leg Byes5
No Balls0

Innings of Portcullis

#NameR46How OutBowlerKeeperFielderComments
2C.Cameron0Run Out
3U.Qureshi5253Retired Out
9R.Falconer1Not out
Leg Byes0
No Balls0