Diary of a Superstar: Cup Run

This week saw our cup tie, quarter final away to Stonehaven and the continued Englind slide into mediocrity.

How do they expict to win anything without a Sath Ifrican in the team? Gary Ballance is no substitute and shouldn't be batting at 3. He should be struggling into the twenties or thirties at 4 or 5 like I did.

Stonehaven is a lavley place to play and I whould niver have thought that changing rooms with hot and cold water would be the height of luxury. Oh how the mighty have fallen, I used to play in the IPL.

The pitch was very chellenging and the bowling too slow and inacurate for me to get into my rhythm. However I'm nathing if not a fighter and managed to dig in and score twice what I did for Surrey yisterday.

Sadly I got out when I was only 6 runs short of double figures and just as I was getting started.

With little Davey Mitchell away at a school trip it was up to Ronnie Falconeer to make the tough calls and he performed admiribly, except for all the mistakes he made when he disagreed with me (for instance, I actually called the toss correctly albeit on the third attempt). He shared a valuable stand with Dick Collingwood, after I had broken the back of the attack, and marshalled his troops well.

The loss of a strike bowler could have caused us difficulties but Mo Farrah bowled well with Aaron Mundane and then Jess and Siobhan cleaned them up (it's good to see women getting involved with the game).

The team is really beggining to gel and the match gave an oportunity for some of the little people to shine. There were great batting performances in the middle order by Ronnie, Dick Collingwood and Dick Jnr, Siobhan and Stan Winsimon who also kept wickit well.

There is the begining of a good team spirit although I'm starting to see the first signs of a bullying culture with the old ginger one being really mean to me.

It's clearly just jealousy, so I'm not going to let it get to me.

Don't stop believing,

Kay Pee