Diary of a Superstar: Congratulations!

Congratulations to Englind on overcoming their idiotik selection policy in order to not lose the ashes. Somehow the pathetic and spineless captain lead the weak, characterless batting order chosen by bitter, short-signted selectirs to an unlikely victiry against the poorest Australian side in living memory.

Well done lads.

Geriatric strike bowlers made up for the many failures of the batsmen who were clearly out of there depth. Not to mention the fact they are short and many don't have earings.

It will be interesting to see how are boys handle a real challenge when they tour Sath Ifrika this winter.

Closer to home my personal goal of winning the ACA Grade Four title continues (although even my genius could not keep us in the cup cometition). The Draw (?) this weekend sees us retain are position at the top of the league although by a smaller margin.

My own contribution was to support and nurture the immense talent of Mo Farrah who was certainly on form this week hitting some lusty blows which almost reminded me of a young me (although he really needs to learn some humility).

Sadly my contribution was cut short by a shocking LBW decision but what can I say, gingers should be drowned at birth.

This leaves us with just two games to go against tough oponents but are fate is entirely in are hands.

Your fate is in your own hands,

Kay Pee