Diary of a Superstar: Mission Accomplished

And so the season comes to a close and I have surpassed what I set out to acheive. Not only have I succeeded in getting Portcullis back into Grade 3 but I have done it as League Champions! Turra CC were unable to field a team due to "Coos ah roond an aboot" (???) and that resulting scratched match gave us the league title.

Of course I couldn't have done it alone. The whole team has come together to implement my tactic, benefit from my impressive coaching skills and have improved imeasurably through the masses of hard work and immense dedication I have shown to the task in hand.

It would be remiss of me not to mention some of those players who contributed to a successful season.

So what next for me? Will I return for another season of Aberdeen cricket?


I feel sure that my performance this season will bring me to the attention once more of the ECB. Afterall, how could England possibly be captained by an Irishman?

So I have packed my bags and am waiting by the phone for the call to replace Captain Morgan and begin what will certainly be the greatest chapter of my incredible career.

Goodbye and good luck,

Kay Pee