Banchory 2nds v. Portcullis - Saturday, 21 July, 2012

Toss was won by Banchory 2nds, who chose to bat.

Banchory 2nds : 101 all out (30).

Portcullis : 99 all out (14).

Terrific Trio Nearly Snatch Victory From The Jaws Of Defeat!!

Saturday saw Portcullis make the trip to picturesque Banchory where they were to play the much-respected Banchory 2nds.

With regular Captain Kannan Vijayakrishnan unavailable and the Captain of the Day Dave Mitchell, running late as he had just flown into Aberdeen from overseas work duties, the responsibility for the coin toss went to rotund Secretary Ronnie Falconer. He duly lost the toss, therefore immediately sacked from any future coin tossing, but was relieved to find that Banchory wanted to bat first anyway.

Banchory 2nds opened the batting with Arkless and Counsell whilst Portcullis opened the bowling with the ever reliable Raj and Mitchell.

On a slow dampish wicket runs were hard to come by. Honours were about even through the opening exchanges. Raj and Mitchell gave little away whilst Arkless and Counsell defended stoutly. Captain Mitchell then drew first blood by taking the wicket of Arkless bowling him with one that went back in. This brought the dangerous Steve Richards to crease.

Richards, with a Century already under his belt this season, arrived at the crease. He was looking confident having played a couple of drives through mid off and cover. Meanwhile Mitchell decided to replace Raj with the jovial Falconer. In his second over Falconer struck, grabbing the prize wicket of Richards. Seeing the dampness of the wicket, Mitchell decided to bring both his mid-off and mid-on up inviting the plucky Richards to drive. He duly did off Falconer’s second ball, a slow outswinger, which Richards mistimed. The ball went towards Steward who dived forward to take an excellent catch only inches off the ground.

Banchory 21-2. Game on!!

With Richards now back in the pavilion Portcullis’s dander was up. With Mitchell having no luck at one end whilst bowling tighter than Bob Adie with a budget, it was Falconer who grabbed the third wicket. His often-loose leg side delivery did for another batsman. Pennington, mistiming his sweep, could only pop the ball up for Richard Collinson to take a good catch.

Bearing in mind some overs may be needed by him at the end, Mitchell replaced himself with Steward. Steward immediately struck. In his second over he managed to get the dogged Counsell to cut loose, cutting a shot into the inviting hands of Padmaraj who took an excellent catch at point.

With the rotund Falconer tiring, Mitchell then turned to his spinner Padmaraj. Padmaraj and Steward soon made inroads into the Banchory middle order. Padmaraj struck gold when he immediately bowled Mutch. This was immediately followed up with another excellent catch by Howard Smith at slip, diving to his right, to snaffle up Buston.

Steward, not to be outdone, got rid of the dangerous J. Richards. He invited young Richards to cut and once more Padmaraj gleefully took the catch.

Padmaraj then took the wicket of Banchory’s top scorer Ambrose. Ambrose, who played a selfless innings for the Banchorians, made a rare mistake when he mistimed an off drive towards Ruari Collinson. Ruari covered tremendous ground and took an excellent catch, diving forward spectacularly, to complete the dismissal.

Falconer then came back on and completed the closure of Banchory’s innings with a low grubber LBW to the unfortunate Campbell.

Banchory 2nds 101 all out.

After a splendid tea Portcullis set about responding to the Banchory innings opening with Steward and Falconer.

Portcullis suffered an early setback. The ever-reliable Steward being bowled round his legs from a dangerous outswinger from Pennington, which came back into take Steward’s leg stump.

Steward was soon followed by Forbes who was bowled by a splendid inswinger from J. Richards, his ball just coming in enough to brush Forbes off-stump and dislodge the bails.

Falconer dug in and, with new batsman Padmaraj, formed a rearguard action against the threatening new ball duo of Pennington and J. Richards. The pair took the score to 17 when Padmaraj, looking in good touch, was caught from the bowling of Pennington.

This brought skipper for the day Dave Mitchell to crease. Mitchell looking determined to join Falconer in the fightback.

Banchory meanwhile took the option of replacing J. Richards with S. Richards. S. Richards struck next. Falconer, having driven a couple of twos, misjudged a straight one and was bowled. This sparked a middle order mini collapse as both Winstanley and Collinson went caught and bowled to S. Richards who took his second and third wickets respectively.

Portcullis 26-6.

This brought Howard Smith to the crease. Smith, using his experience, booked in for bed and breakfast. His sensible approach, along with Mitchell’s dogged determination, took the fight to Banchory as Portcullis began to rebuild. Runs from the bat of Mitchell slowly rebuilt the Portcullis innings. This was not going to be as easy for Banchory as they may have been beginning to think.

Smith was next to go when he was caught behind by Ambrose from the bowling of J. Richards. Bob Adie was next to the crease but he was caught out by the young J. Richards when an excellent Yorker bowled the unfortunate Adie.

Ruari Collinson then came to the crease. Along with skipper Mitchell they took the match to the home side. Collinson, with the advice from the skipper Mitchell, dug in for the Portcullis cause. He took on the role vacated by Smith, chipping in with the odd single, whilst Mitchell, batting quite excellently marched onto his 50, which he duly did with a off-drive through the covers taking Portcullis to 89.


S. Richards had been brought back into the attack and, after being hit for runs by the buoyant Mitchell, struck gold! A leg side ball was swept out to deep mid-wicket where J. Richards took an excellent catch to dismiss the dogged skipper for a well-deserved 50. When you see the next highest score was 19 from both teams you may glean from that how difficult it was to score runs on that pitch and how good a 50 that was.

Last man was Jay Raj. Along with Ruari Collinson he was determined to win the match for the away side. A few lusty blows took the score up to 99. Two runs from a tie, three runs for victory!!

Alas it was not to be as young Collinson pulled one for what he must have thought was four and victory only to see Pennington hold onto a splendid catch from the bowling of Counsell.

It was Portcullis’s first defeat of the season. The match itself was played with an excellent spirit as handshakes and commiserations were exchanged all round. The only regret being that the gutsy batting of Mitchell, Ruari Collinson and Raj did not bring the victory they so sought after and deserved.

The positives were that Portcullis showed they never knew how to give in. This made for a quite excellent match and augurs well for the future!

Thursday, 26 July, 2012

Innings of Banchory 2nds

#NameR46How OutBowlerKeeperFielderComments
9D.Thornton8Not out
Leg Byes0
No Balls6

Innings of Portcullis

#NameR46How OutBowlerKeeperFielderComments
11J.Raj9Not out
Leg Byes1
No Balls3