Portcullis v. Kemnay-Kintore - Saturday, 17 May, 2014

Toss was won by Kemnay-Kintore, who chose to field.

Portcullis : 35 all out (4).

Kemnay-Kintore : 37 for 4 (30).


Match 4 of the Grades Season saw Portcullis entertain Kemnay-Kintore at Duthie Park. When the fixtures were drawn up during the close season, this match would have been seen as a top of the table clash what with Kemnay finishing second last year whilst Portcullis finished third.

Following Kemnay-Kintore’s 100% start to the season and Portcullis having lost their opening two matches, this match took on a far different complexion. Portcullis wanting to finally shake off their slow start, whilst Kemnay-Kintore were looking to maintain their winning quick one.

This match was always going to be a toughie. Portcullis were weakened by the loss of Bilal Farooq, Ranjan Sahoo and Abdullah Khan. Kemnay-Kintore had, on the other hand, shown guile in the transfer market having strengthened their squad with the impressive signings of Amir Mirashi and Ritesh Kumar Kola, previously of Turriff. Presumably on Bosman’s!

The other going concern was to see that the wicket cut on DP2 was the exact same one from a fortnight previously for the match against AGSFP 2nds. Unfortunately that was where the similarity ended from the wicket of before.

Captains Dave Mitchell and Liam Thom went out for the toss and it was Kemnay-Kintore Captain Liam Thom who called correct and had no hesitation in putting Portcullis into bat.

Portcullis opened the batting with stalwarts Ronnie Falconer and Richard Collinson whilst Kemnay-Kintore opened their bowling with the impressive Thom brothers, Jordan and Liam.

Both teams opening bowling partnerships returned impressive figures during the 2013 season. Whilst the opening partnership of Dave Mitchell and Bilal Farooq took 69 wickets between them for an average of 7.42, Jordan and Liam Thom took 77 wickets at an average of 8.36. Hunting in pairs had proved successful in the previous season for both teams.

Kemnay-Kintore were first to strike when Jordan Thom, with his third ball, rapped Collinson on the pads. Unfortunately for Collinson the ball had enough momentum to carry onto the stumps to bowl him. Portcullis 1-1.

Skipper Dave Mitchell joined Falconer at the crease. The pair dug in for a few overs. Runs proved hard to come by as the Thoms gave little away. They took the score onto 17 before Falconer perished, bowled by Liam Thom for 6 with one that stayed low. Portcullis 17-2.

A Bosman of Portcullis’s, Shahram Memon, was next at the crease. Sensing the pressure being applied by Kemnay-Kintore, Memon tried to upset the rhythm of his opponents by walking down the wicket to the bowlers, especially Liam Thom. This particular joust was beginning to look interesting until Liam Thom was to do for Memon. He got Memon to mistime a drive back in his general direction. It was hit with reasonable force though and it took an impressive diving one-handed catch by Thom to complete a spectacular caught and bowled. Memon back in the bandstand for 5. Portcullis 23-3.

Liam Thom was also to do for comeback man Kannan Vijayakrishnan as well, trapping him lbw. Portcullis 27-4.

Perhaps sibling rivalry reared its ugly head as Jordan Thom was not to be undone by his elder brother.

It was his eighth over that provided the carnage that would bring this match to a premature end. With his fourth ball of the over he bowled Rob Owen. His fifth ball bowling Dave Forbes and his sixth ball trapped Jayaraj Raj plumb lbw for his hat-trick!!

27-4 had went to 28-7 as Skipper Mitchell was running out of partners.

With the first ball of his ninth over Jordan Thom was to do for Dave Mitchell, bowling him for 18 and completing 4 wickets in 4 balls!! Portcullis 31-8.

A thick edge from the bat of Simon Winstanley brought four welcome runs before Jordan Thom bowled him. Winstanley being Jordan’s sixth wicket of the day and Kemnay’s tenth. Prior to that Liam Thom had grabbed his fourth of the day bowling Bob Adie with one that stayed low. Dave Elrick had stayed to the bitter end, the only undefeated Portcullisian.

Portcullis 35 all out. Jordan Thom finishing with 6-20 whilst Liam Thom finished with 4-14. For Portcullis, skipper Dave Mitchell was the only player to make double figures, scoring 18.

Due to the quickness of the Portcullis innings tea was delayed. Although victory looked a forlorn hope, Portcullis wanted to make some impression on this match.

Kemnay-Kintore opened the batting with Jonny Holt and Amir Mirashi whilst Portcullis, missing Bilal Farooq, opened their bowling attack with Dave Mitchell and Rob Owen.

Kemnay-Kintore got to 7 before Mitchell struck with his tenth ball of the match, bowling Mirashi who appeared to pull at one a little too full. Kemnay-Kintore 7-1.

7-1 became 7-2 as Mitchell and Owen bowled consecutive maidens. Kola was next to go. He pulled one of Mitchell’s towards Jayaraj Raj who took a splendid catch at square leg, albeit reluctantly.

With this catch a sniff of hope was in the air. After all the previous week Gordonians, chasing 51 to win against Fraserburgh, had collapsed to 34 all out in Grade 2. The pitch was looking tough to score on. Surely it wasn’t possible… was it?

Next man in was Frank Summers. The previous week he had made a fantastic knock of 96 for the KK’s against Mannofield 2nds. Obviously in good touch, it was a welcome sight for the away side. Alas Summers was next to go as 7-2 became 9-3 as he was trapped lbw by Rob Owen. Ironically lbw was the exact same way he was given out and by the exact same umpire to boot! Owen was deserving of his wicket as he had bowled a very good line without much good fortune till then.

Kemnay-Kintore 9-3!

Stuart Cole was next man in. He dug in for the KK’s as cool heads were needed. Portcullis, showing signs of rejuvenation, fielded tightly. Runs were becoming hard to come by as both Owen and Mitchell bowled tightly and accurately. Nerves were surely creeping up on Kemnay –Kintore.

Mitchell soon struck again as he was to do for the other Kemnay-Kintore opener, Jonny Holt, bowling him for 4. Bizarrely Holt has become the 9th player to be bowled of the 14 wickets to fall, an unusually high amount. With three others falling foul to lbw there has only been two catches. Perhaps this was an indicator of how difficult it had been to bat on this pitch.

9-3 had become 14-4! Game on!!

Next man in was Jordan Thom. He too was in fine touch with the bat, having scored a 50 the week before. He is an aggressive player and one who would not change his style whatever the circumstances. Portcullis, to have any chance in this match, would have to dispatch of him quickly. If he was to spend any length of time at the crease then it would be inevitable he would take the match away from the home side.

And so it proved.

Jordan Thom soon settled into the match, scoring 16 not out from 13 balls. His knock took any forlorn hope of victory from Portcullis and guided Kemnay–Kintore to an eventually comfortable 6 wicket victory. His colleague Stuart Cole finishing 1 not out from 27 balls!

Portcullis were disappointed not to put up a better contest. Despite the pitch being difficult to score on 35 all out was a disappointing score. The one crumb of comfort was they could not put it down to hard luck. On this occasion they were well beaten.

Next match up is the Reid Cup Quarter-Final at home to Crathie.


Dave Mitchell. He scored over half of the teams runs (18) and took three of the four wickets.


Jayaraj Raj’s catch at square leg clinically taken. What followed next was comedy gold as he pleaded with his team mates not to touch his hands as they were in agony!! The reluctant but gifted fielder indeed!!


We all know that collectively as a unit we did not perform with the bat. We cannot change the past but we can change the future.


JORDAN THOM. 6 wickets, 16 unbeaten runs and (at least) TWO love bites/ nookie badges/twisters? (delete as applicable) on his ‘Gregory Peck’.

Dirty stop-out!!! And no... it is not a fielding position!!

Thursday, 22 May, 2014

Innings of Portcullis

#NameR46How OutBowlerKeeperFielderComments
11D.Elrick0Not out
Leg Byes1
No Balls0

Innings of Kemnay-Kintore

#NameR46How OutBowlerKeeperFielderComments
5S.Cole1Not out
6J.Thom16Not out
7L.ThomDid not bat
8L.WestDid not bat
9J.ReeveDid not bat
10B.ThomDid not bat
11A.MorrisonDid not bat
Leg Byes1
No Balls1