All home matches are played at Duthie Park #2 unless annotated otherwise. Players should arrive thirty minutes before the published match start time.

[A] next to the ground name indicates an artificial wicket (no spiked footwear!).

Date Time Opponents Type Venue Notes
Sun 14 Jan 14.00PortcullisFriendlySheddocksley #1 UpperFirst Indoor Practice
Sun 28 Jan 12.00PortcullisFriendlySheddocksley #1 UpperSecond Indoor Practice
Sun 11 Feb 12.00PortcullisFriendlySheddocksley #1 UpperThird Indoor Practice
Sun 18 Feb 12.00AcademyGradeKings College [A]Indoor match - friendly.
Sat 10 Mar 19.00PortcullisFriendlyDuthie ParkPool Tournament***
Sun 18 Mar 12.00PortcullisFriendlySheddocksley #1 UpperFourth Indoor Practice
Sun 25 Mar 12.00PortcullisFriendlySheddocksley #1 UpperFifth Indoor Practice
Sun 08 Apr 12.00PortcullisFriendlySheddocksley #1 UpperSixth Indoor Practice
Sat 28 Apr 12.30Grampian 2ndsGradeDuthie Park
Sat 05 May 12.30AGSFP 3rdsGradeDuthie Park
Sat 12 May 12.30DunechtGradeDuthie Park
Sat 26 May 12.30DunechtGradeCowdray Estate
Sat 02 Jun 12.30CrathieGradeBalmoral Estate
Sat 09 Jun 12.30Stonehaven 2ndsGradeDuthie Park
Sat 16 Jun 12.30Banchory 2ndsGradeBurnett Park
Sat 23 Jun 12.30TurriffGradeThe Haughs
Sat 30 Jun 12.30Grampian 2ndsGradeSheddocksley #2 Lower
Sat 07 Jul 12.30CrathieGradeDuthie Park
Sat 14 Jul 12.30Methlick 2ndsGradeLairds
Sat 21 Jul 12.30Stonehaven 2ndsGradeMineralwell Park
Sat 28 Jul 12.30AGSFP 3rdsGradeHarlaw
Sat 04 Aug 12.30Methlick 2ndsGradeDuthie Park
Sat 04 Aug 12.30TurriffGradeDuthie Park
Sat 18 Aug 12.30Banchory 2ndsGradeDuthie Park

The fixtures list is also published in iCalendar format at, so you can import it into your favourite calendar app. Apps that allow you to subscribe to an iCalendar feed include Apple Calendar, iOS Calendar (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook (2007 and later) and Mozilla Thunderbird (Lighting add-on).