Portcullis v. Grampian 2nds - Sunday, 05 August, 2018

Toss was won by Portcullis, who chose to field.

Grampian 2nds : 52 all out.

Portcullis : 53 for 0.


After the previous day’s sobering league defeat at the hands of an impressive Methlick 2nds side, it was Cup Tie action once again with a home fixture to Grampian 2nds.

Although a home fixture, Duthie Park, being a Sunday, was unavailable once more. This meant that once again Portcullis would be booking Sheddocklsley which was, coincidentally, Grampian 2nds home ground.

Bizarrely this would be the first time that the two Grade Three sides would play each other this season. The Portcullis home fixture between the two was called off as the wicket was unfit for purpose. The return fixture was scratched by Grampian 2nds as they could not raise an XI and Portcullis, with R&D and previous Cup fixtures, could not find a Sunday to segway this fixture in.

Both sides had very different routes to the Semi Final. Portcullis got there by winning a tough preliminary round fixture away to Dunecht (as tough a tie you could get) and then squeezed past Methlick 2nds in the Quarter Final. Grampian’s passage was a lot more serene. They drew Stonehaven 2nds in the quarter final who sadly could not raise a team. A scratching ensued and Grampian 2nds were through!

Skippers Shovon Mostofa and Sajimon Joseph went to the middle for the toss. Portcullis skipper Mostofa got the decision and Portcullis invited their opponents to bat first.

Grampian elected to open the batting with P. (Sojan) Joseph and Viswambharan Kannan whilst Portcullis once again gave the new cherry to the left arm combo of Ross McKenzie and Brian Harper.

Being a T20, Grampian 2nds went gung-ho from the start. Facing the accurate pace of McKenzie, Sojan made his intentions known from the off. He was swinging at anything and everything come what may. In McKenzie’s first over he drove one at Falconer at mid-on. Falconer lost the ball in the trees and subsequently spilled it. It looked like an early let-off for the Grampian Gladiators! If you thought the early scare might have made the Grampian openers reassess their attacking options you would sadly be mistaken!

As Grampian swung, further chances went a begging. A mix up between Skipper Mostofa and Portcullis legend Alan Dobey saw the ball bounce between them for another catch as Grampian continued to push their luck. Sojan edged another one that just evaded Jayaraj Raj at fly slip.

Portcullis held their nerve though and the first wicket came for them soon enough. It came from the nagging left arm over accuracy of Brian Harper. VS Kannan misjudging the width of a Harper seamer, missing his cut shot the ball went on to clip the outside of his off-stump. Grampian 2nds 4-1 in the second over. Harper opening his bowling spell with a wicket maiden.

This brought Vaisakh Sasidharan to the crease to join Sojan.

Ross McKenzie in the very next over, his second, opened his wicket taking account when he encouraged Sasidharan to drive one. The drive was crisply hit but unfortunately it went straight into the direction of Mitchell at mid-off. Mitch showed excellent awareness to hold onto a fine catch.

7-2 became 8-3 as Harper captured his second wicket as new batsman Alwin Nimmy drove at a Harper fullish length. He did not catch it quite right, the ball flying towards bowling partner McKenzie at mid-off. McKenzie adjusting his body position and hands to hang onto a fine catch.

It got even better when danger man Sojan swung once too many times. The ball, for a second time, went in the direction of Jayaraj Raj. Raj was in no mood to miss out this time, making tremendous ground to hang onto as fabulous catch.

These remarkable turn of events brought together the pairing of Binu Augustine and Gipson Gilbert to the crease. This pair, although as quick scoring as the batsmen before them, played with more circumspect. They attacked whilst being mindful of their team’s position in the match. They saw off the pairing of Harper and McKenzie, taking the score from 9-4 after 5 overs to 40-4 after 10 overs. A platform was being built by the Grampian side from which they could push on to post a score.

McKenzie was to be replaced by Mitchell whilst Harper would have his place taken by Mostofa. The change in bowling brought about instant results.

It would be Mitchell who would strike first. Augustine had impressively got to double figures prior to his joust with Mitchell but found Mitchell more difficult to score against, especially on this Sheddocksley wicket. Mitchell kept things tight and eventually breeched the defences of Augustine, bowling him for a knock of 10.

It was the breakthrough Portcullis were looking for. Grampian 42-5.

The main danger man was Gilbert though. He had cruised his way to 17 prior to facing Mostofa, and then glided his way into the twenties when he drove a slightly overpitched delivery back past the Portcullis skipper for another impressive four. Gilbert was looking sharp and dangerous. He had his heckles up and was up for the challenge.

Mostofa had his work cut out if he were to curtail the free flowing Gilbert.

Mostofa did that and more and all with his next delivery. Coming in from his full run-up and no visible change of action, Mostofa produced the most beautifully flighted off spinner. Gilbert was well committed to the shot, similar to the previous drive before. By the time he realised the change in pace and flight of the delivery, it was too late. Mostofa got his ball to spit and bite before hitting Gilbert’s off pole. Grampian 46-6.

It was just the breakthrough that Portcullis were looking for. Grampian did not recover after that. Skipper Sajimon Joseph as joined at the crease by Rajeesh Nandan . The skipper tried to take the fight to Portcullis and looked to be quite tasty with the bat. He fell to the bowling of Mostofa although in fairness it was the fielding brilliance of Mitchell that did for the Grampian Skipper.

Joseph latched onto a Mostofa leg stump ball and dispatched it miles into the deep midwicket area. He was thinking four or six (as were the rest of us) until Mitchell took off at great pace covering acres in his quest. A final thrust out of his right hand was enough to take the most brilliant of catches! Joseph looked quite gutted and initially (rightly) stood his ground as he thought Mitchell must have been pretty close to the boundary. As it turned out Mitchell was 8-10 feet inside the boundary. The dip in the field from the batting strip making the boundary look a lot closer than it was.

Nandan went soon after. He clipped one towards mid wicket again from the bowling of Mostofa. Although Jayaraj Raj was close in, and the ball went at him with pace, Raj showed great awareness and dexterity to hang onto a fine catch close in. Grampian 2nds 50-8.

The innings soon closed thereafter. Kishore Jacob was run out thanks to the awareness shown by both Ross McKenzie and keeper Richard Collinson. Mitchell wrapped up the innings bowling last man Jibin George.

Remarkably Grampian 2nds were all out for 52. This gave Portcullis a remarkable opportunity to reach the final of the 2018 Reid Cup.

The bowling plaudits went to Shovon Mostofa who finished with 3-6 from his three overs (3-1-6-1). The other three bowlers finished rightfully with two wickets each. Dave Mitchell finished with 3.2-1-6-2. Brian Harper with 5-1-19-2 and Ross McKenzie with 5-0-21-2. All of the bowlers bowled exceptionally well and held it together even when pressurised. The bowlers were superbly backed up in the field as five catches and a run out were taken. Mitch took two catches as did Jay whilst Ross took one catch and was involved in the run out.

Grampian 2nds batting plaudits went to Gipson Gilbert who looked a classy batsman on his way to 21. The slower delivery to dismiss him probably turning the match. The other double digit scorer was Binu Augustine with a fine knock of 10.

After a quick turn around it was time for Portcullis to post their reply. Mostofa decided to open the batting with the old head of Falconer and the class of all-rounder Mitchell. The new ball attack would consist of Jibin George and P. (Sojan) Joseph.

There were a couple of early scares. Falconer almost ran himself out and then skied one off the bowling of Sojan. A lack of calling saw two fielders get mixed up, the ball falling between them.

Sojan and George kept things tight in the first six overs although did not manage a much needed breakthrough. George was replaced by Sajimon Joseph. Coincidentally this was about the time Mitchell got his eye in. A couple of loose balls to Mitchell were dispatched to the boundary and after that Portcullis were always ahead of the run-rate.

Grampian 2nds mixed their bowling deck bringing Binu Augustine, Viswambharan Kannan and Gipson Gilbert into the attack but to no avail. Mitchell continued to score freely whilst Falconer anchored the innings.

The match finished on the final ball of the 14th over, Falconer pushing a single towards mid-on to complete the match.

It was a fine victory for Portcullis against a very dangerous side. They bowled and fielded superbly whilst batting sensibly.

Dave Mitchell carried his bat for an excellent 35 not out whilst Ronnie Falconer carried his bat for the second Cup match in a row finishing on 9 not out.

This means Portcullis will face Banchory in The Reid Cup Final on Sunday 19th August at Mannofield as part of a double header (The Bon Accord Cup Final between Fraserburgh and Gordonians being held there as well).


It could only be one man – DAVE MITCHELL. His knock of 35 not out was backed up by bowling figures of 2-6 as well as two excellent catches to boot. Shovon Mostofa for his three wicket haul deserves a mention as it included the remova of Grampian star man Gipson Gilbert.


GIPSON GILBERT takes the honours for this one. His cracking knock of 21 on a tricky wicket could have been so much more. It took a piece of bowling brilliance from Shovon Mostofa to remove the dangerous Gilbert.


Again it could only be one man – DAVE MITCHELL. His fantastic “galloping major” of a catch to remove Sajimon Joseph was a moment of genius. A catch worthy of winning any match!

Friday, 10 August, 2018

Innings of Grampian 2nds

#NameR46How OutBowlerKeeperFielderComments
10K.Jacob0Run OutR.CollinsonR.McKenzie
11J.George0Not out
Leg Byes0
No Balls0

Innings of Portcullis

#NameR46How OutBowlerKeeperFielderComments
1R.Falconer91Not out
2D.Mitchell355Not out
3O.ThorpeDid not bat
4S.MostofaDid not bat
5J.RajDid not bat
6R.CollinsonDid not bat
7R.McKenzieDid not bat
8A.PhilipDid not bat
9A.DobeyDid not bat
10T.WilliamsDid not bat
11B.HarperDid not bat
Leg Byes0
No Balls0