Portcullis win the Grade Three 2017 Fair Play Award!

Portcullis’s 2017 season ended on a high when they were nominated by their fellow clubs to win the Grade Three Fair Play Award!

The award - voted for by the participating clubs themselves – was a hotly contested one. Grade Three was a competitive but very sporting league this year. This reflected in the Portcullis squad votes this season as all of the clubs in Grade Three got nominations from the players who kindly took the time to vote.

In its own way this Award was probably the most difficult to win. In the eight seasons this reporter has played, this season was probably the friendliest, most sporting of them all. An achievement in itself as other campaigns have also, in the main, been played in good spirit.

The Spirit of Cricket is alive and well.

The Portcullis players and officials would like to thank their fellow clubs and colleagues for nominating them for this award. We, the club, are truly flattered, grateful  and humbled to receive such a prestigious acknowledgement!