Fraserburgh v. Portcullis - Sunday, 23 April, 2017

Toss was won by Portcullis, who chose to field.

Fraserburgh : 115 for 7.

Portcullis : 105 for 9.

Fraserburgh Friendly Finishes With A Bang!

The first match of Portcullis’s 2017 season saw them play against Grade Two side Fraserburgh at their East Links ground.

It was the first time the sides had met for 10 years. Whilst Portcullis have been content chugging along in Grades Three and Four, Fraserburgh have been successful of late – spending the majority of the last few years in Grade Two whilst spending one season at Grade One.

This was the first match of the new season and it was an opportunity for both sides to blood new players and warm up some old ones.

There was a re-acquaintance of two former Cumbernauld Cricket club players when Billy Reid of Fraserburgh and Ronnie Falconer of Portcullis met up for the first time since the early 1990’s. The two had played alongside each other in the Glasgow Leagues and warm handshakes and stories were exchanged by the pair as they spoke of bygone days.

Their was further changes in the Portcullis side as new skipper Shovon Mostofa went for his first coin toss with Fraserburgh’s Fraser Lawrence. We’re still not sure who won or lost the toss but Portcullis were asked to field first which suited them just fine!

The changing of the skipper was not the only new thing about the Portcullis side as John White made his debut for the City Centre Green Caps.

Mostofa went for the pairing of Ross McKenzie and ex-skipper Dave Mitchell to open the bowling for Portcullis whilst Fraserburgh opened the batting with skipper Lawrence and Witt.

With it being mid to late April the pitch and outfield were a tad slow and scoring was proving to be tough. On top of that Mitchell and McKenzie hit the ground running, bowling very tight lines and giving little away. After the pair’s initial 4 overs apiece Fraserburgh were 8-1. Mitchell capturing the wicket of Lawrence with a fine caught & bowled from a ferocious drive from the Broch opener.

As it was a friendly Mostofa wanted to experiment with his bowling attack so brought himself and Mansoor Hussein to replace the successful openers. With the fall of Lawrence, it was Liam Downie who would join Witt at the crease.

Both Mostofa and Hussein continued where McKenzie and Mitchell left off, giving little away to the Broch batsman. In fact Hussein – possibly playing his last game for Portcullis having accepted a new job in the Middle East – managed to capture the second wicket of the match when he managed to trap Witt lbw. Fraserburgh 18-2.

Joining Downie at the crease was S. Flowerdew and the pair batted impressively to see off the second Portcullis pairing of Mostofa and Hussein.

The third pair of bowlers to come on were Andy Philip and Chris Poolman. Andy bowled tidily giving little away. Chris was not to be so fortunate though. Although getting the ball to turn occasionally, Poolman struggled and he was punished by the Broch pair.

This flurry had brought the Broch back into the match the pair put on 47 for the third wicket. It took the return of Mitchell and McKenzie to break the partnership – Mitchell bowling the impressive Flowerdew with a fine delivery that nipped back in. Fraserburgh 65-3.

It was the turn of Souter to join the ominous Downie at the crease. Mitchell, with his dander up, captured his third wicket of the match – bowling the unfortunate Souter for 3. Fraserburgh 68-4.

It was Fraserburgh debutant Share next to go to the crease as he was next to join Downie. In the meantime Portcullis felt it was cabaret time and brought on Falconer to jazz things up with a short burst of bowling.

His first ball went for four and a second for a single. His fourth also took some punishment as it initially looked boundary bound but Falconer – being the jammy beggar that he is – had the safe hands of Jake Dawson in place to take fine catch. Fraserburgh 81-5.

The second and final Falconer was no less exciting. His first ball – albeit a decent one to the new batsman Gospel – went for a cracking six. His second ball was again on the same middle stump line. This time it was a little fuller. With Gospel playing the exact same shot it was a case of you miss I hit. Gospel did miss and Falconer did hit, bowling the free scoring Broch star for a quick-fire 11. Fraserburgh 91-6.

With that Falconer was sent from the bowling attack. With Hussein leaving these shores soon. Mostofa wanted the popular all-rounder to finish at one end.

It was not the end of Falconer’s involvement in the match though nor Hussein’s for that matter. The pair combined to bring about the downfall of the impressive Downie.

With the Fraserburgh innings drawing to a close the Broch dangerman was cutting loose, accelerating the home team’s innings total. Hussein bowled a good length ball on middle and leg which Downie pounced and smashed it towards mid-wicket. Falconer, having swapped places with Hussein was on hand to take a smart catch that was going rapid. Fraserburgh 112-7.

The pairing of Duthie and Billy Reid saw out the innings for the Broch side. The pair facing Portcullis President Bob Adie in the last over. Bob kept a good line to leave Fraserburgh to finish on 115-7 from their allocated 40 overs.

For Fraserburgh Liam Downie finished with a top score of 39 he was ably supported by the experienced S. Flowerdew (18) and the quicksilver C. Gospel (11).

For Portcullis ex-skipper Dave Mitchell finished with 3-13 from 8 overs. Cabaret man Ronnie Falconer finished with 2-15 from two cavalier overs whilst Middle East bound Mansoor Hussein returned figures of 2-21.

Ross McKenzie could count himself a tad unlucky in this tale of two gingers. His eight over spell consisted of 6 maidens and he only conceded four runs. The other ginger bowled a far looser line and got 2 wickets for his efforts.

After a splendid tea it was the turn of Portcullis to post their reply.

Mostofa opened with a pairing of experience and youth. The wise head of Dave Forbes was joined by the fresh impetus of Jake Dawson as the pair set about making a reply to the Broch’s first innings total.

For Fraserburgh it would be the pairing of Gospel and Duthie who would lead the charge for home side.

Although Gospel looked more dangerous in the opening exchanges it was his partner Duthie who would strike first blood for the Broch side.

It was in Duthie’s first over when he struck. His initial salvo of deliveries had a little movement, but were being handled comfortably till the second last delivery of his over. That delivery, out of kilter with the rest of the balls he bowled this day, spat up somewhat ferociously at Forbes from short of a length, the sudden acceleration from the surface surprising the hirsute opener. With the ball following him at height, all he could do was fend it off towards the slip cordon where Lawrence was on hand to take a super catch. Portcullis 3-1.

This brought all-rounder Dave Mitchell to the crease to join Dawson. The pair steadied the ship for the Green Caps, giving little away as they took the fight back to the Broch.

Mitchell, having settled in, cut loose at the Broch bowling. Dawson, in turn looked impressive as well as he too began to score freely having dug in initially for the Portcullis cause.

The pair enjoyed a 44 run partnership which saw Duthie and Gospel be replaced by Share and Souter. Share impressed with the cherry as did Souter and it was Souter who eventually broke the partnership, bowling Dawson for a best ever 14 runs.

It was the turn of another young player Chris Poolman to join Mitchell at the crease. Poolman dug in and the pair took the score onto 65 before Mitchell was next to go. It was the bowling of ex-Cumbernauld star Billy Reid that was to do for him.

Rolling back the years, Reid’s accurate slow medium pace was to outfox Mitchell and he was trapped lbw for a gallant 30. Portcullis 65-3.

This brought new skipper Mostofa to the crease to join Poolman. The pair added 13 runs for the fourth wicket partnership before Share snared Poolman. His impressive spell of bowling finally having Poolman chip one in the air where Downie was on hand to take a decent catch. Poolman too leaving the field of play with a highest ever score of 12.

This brought Richard Collinson to the crease. Collinson scored briskly with Mostofa as the score moved onto 93 before Mostofa was next man to go. He became the returning Duthie’s second wicket of the match. He induced the Portcullis skipper to drive one towards midwicket where the evergreen Reid held onto a fine catch. Portcullis 93-5.

It was the turn of Bob Adie next. Along with Collinson, the pair moved the score onto 103 before Collinson went bowled by the lethal Duthie, who snared his third wicket of the match. Portcullis 103-6.

During this period of play Fraserburgh introduced young Leanne Broadley into their bowling attack. After a touch of nerves tainted her first over a little, young Broadley settled into bowling a steady line and length. Her four over quota impressive for one on her debut with the cherry and she should be pleased with her contribution to the match, her fielding solid throughout the Portcullis innings.

Requiring a further 13 runs to win the match, the Portcullis ran out of time although it was not for the want of trying by the City Centre Green Caps.

The last over brought about the most dramatic finish I have seen in a long time. And the over came from the golden arm of Fraser Lawrence.

Bowling left arm fast medium, the Broch skipper held true with a good line. His last three balls of his over bowling Andy Phillip, Mansoor Hussein and debutant John White for the most splendid of hat-tricks!!

This meant that Portcullis finished on 105-9 from their 40 overs. Although agonisingly 10 runs short of victory this had been a good run out for the City Centre Green Caps.

Skipper Dave Mitchell top scored for Portcullis with a fine 30 whilst Jake Dawson (14), Richard Collinson (13), Chris Poolman (12) and Shovon Mostofa (11) also got into double figures.

For Fraserburgh Fraser Lawrence’s hat-trick had him finish with bowling figures of 3-5. Young Duthie weighed in with 3-30 whilst Souter (1-9), Share (1-13) and Reid (1-14) were the other wicket takers.

Portcullis will be hoping it won’t be another 10 years before they face Fraserburgh again. It was a marvellous day’s cricket enjoyed and to the benefit of both sides. Let’s hope this trend continues with a few wins on the way!

A wonderful day’s criket to start the season!

Next up for Portcullis a friendly away to Crathie!


With bowling figures of 3-13 and their top score of 30 ex-skipper DAVE MITCHELL takes the man of the match plaudits for Portcullis.


LIAM DOWNIE takes it for a fine knock of 39 which held the Fraserburgh innings together. There were impressive showings as well by Duthie, Share, Souter et al and Fraserburgh can be confident going into their 2017 season.


This goes to DAVE MITCHELL again. A fine caught and bowled (at pace) to remove opener Lawrence takes it against the impressive efforts of Dawson and Falconer.


Ex- Cumbernauld star BILLY REID takes it for an exhilarating catch at mid wicket to remove the potent Mostofa.

Wednesday, 26 April, 2017

Innings of Fraserburgh

#NameR46How OutBowlerKeeperFielderComments
8R.Duthie5Not out
9B.Reid1Not out
10L.BroadleyDid not bat
11B.RitchieDid not bat
Leg Byes1
No Balls4

Innings of Portcullis

#NameR46How OutBowlerKeeperFielderComments
7B.Adie2Not outF.Lawrence
11R.FalconerDid not bat
11R.McKenzieDid not bat
Leg Byes0
No Balls1