Portcullis v. Banchory 2nds - Sunday, 28 May, 2017

Toss was won by Portcullis, who chose to bat.

Portcullis : 164 for 7.

Banchory 2nds : 110 all out.

Walmington-On-Sea win their first match of the season!

Sunday May 28th saw the old-stars of Portcullis draw bayonets once again. This time they would be challenged by the young bucks of Banchory as the City Centre Green Caps would be introduced to more new kids on the block.

This was to be Portcullis’s first Home fixture of the season. With Duthie Park off limits on a Sunday, the home fixtures would be played on a Sunday at Harlaw Academy.

After the initial problem of having no spring stumps was solved (Harlaw’s artificial does not have holes in it!) and, a Bosman to Rubislaw was agreed, - the match was finally started.

Captain of the day Richard Collinson won the toss against his counterpart G. Cheriyan and, possibly under instruction from ex-skipper Dave Mitchell, elected to bat first. The two Captains agreed to make the match a 30 over a side fixture as the Banchory side had players needing to leave early.

Rotating the strike once again skipper Collinson opened the batting with Secretary Ronnie Falconer and reasonable newbie Chris Owens. The opening pairing with the ball for Banchory were C. Abbott and C. Wilson.

If the Portcullis pairing of Falconer and Owens thought they would be in for an easy afternoon with the Banchory youngsters, they would be soon in for a shock. C. Abbott with his first ball pitched it with good pace back on off-stump and got it to seam away from a well-impressed Falconer.

Although the pairing of Abbott and Wilson bowled very well, Owens impressed mightily with the bat. His partnership of 39 with Falconer had Owens contribute 32 (3x4) of those runs! Another agreement between the Captains was that players would retire once they got to 30, meaning more players got an opportunity to bat. Owens knock had included 3 sumptuous boundaries and he did look like a batsman with an impressive touch.

Andy Phillip came in next. He joined Falconer and the pair took the score past 50 before Falconer became the first wicket to fall of the day. He went for 10 (1x4) when mistiming a drive from first-change bowlers D. Brown, popped it into the hands of short cover. C. Wilson (Snr) who held onto a fine athletic catch.

Dave Mitchell joined Phillip at the crease. Andy Phillip was next to go in comedic fashion. He stepped back to a good length ball from J. Wilson. On drawing his bat back to gain maximum momentum to the follow-through of his forthcoming shot, he forgot to take into account where his own stumps actually were. The result - all three stumps chopped down by his own willow and the very rare occurrence of being out hit wicket! Phillip gone for 13 (2 x 4). Portcullis 86-3.

Dave Mitchell was joined at the crease by Dave Forbes. Welcome stability ensued as the pair enjoyed a fine partnership. Mitchell, like Owens before him, got to 31 (6x4) before retiring himself. A fine knock by the ex-skipper.

Forbes and new batsman Andrew Blackwell both came and went after reasonable knocks. Both coincidentally bowled. Forbes, falling for 11, whilst Blackwell went for a not so lucky 7, bowled by C. Wilson (jnr) and J. Wilson respectively.

Ross McKenzie continued his good touch with the bat – a knock of 13 (2 x 4) whilst there were contributions by Owen Thorpe (5 – 1 x 4) and Dave Elrick (6). Chris Poolman remained defiantly not out for 2 and skipper for the day Richard Collinson unselfishly did not bat as Portcullis finished their 30 over innings with 164-9 (Inc. two retirees).

Top scorers were the retirees Chris Owens with 32 and Dave Mitchell 31. Other double figure scorers were Andy Phillip (13), Ross McKenzie (13), Dave Forbes (11) and Ronnie Falconer (10).

The impressive and young bowling attack of Banchory was headed by D. Brown (2-21) whilst J. Wilson also got two wickets (2-31). Other wicket takers for Banchory on this day were S. Abbott (1-19), C. Abbott (1-19), and C. Wilson [Jnr] (1-33).

After a ridiculously large tea it was the time for Banchory to post a reply. Having hardly played this season, Dave Mitchell got to open the bowling alongside Chris Owens. The batting of Banchory would be lead by G. Cheriyan and B. Arkless.

Of course it would be Mitchell who would pick up the first two wickets bowling young Arkless with a cracking delivery. Cheriyan was a tad unlucky with his dismissal. He had defended impressively against the fine bowling of Mitchell, setting a fine example to the young charges in the pavilion by playing vey straight, head over the ball and giving nothing away.

Mitchell decided a change of tack was to be had. His attempt at an off-spinner came out of his hand rather dreadfully. It was a floating full toss which travelled so slowly it actually caught Cheriyan off-guard. He went to pull the ball but mistimed the shot. The result was that he gloved it downwards onto his own stumps.

Next men in for Banchory were C. Abbott and C. Wilson (Jnr). Portcullis replaced the opening pairing of Mitchell and Owens with Andy Phillip and Chris Poolman. The pairing of Abbott and Wilson impressed as they plundered into the not too bad bowling of Portcullis. Wilson (Jnr) in particular carving many a fine boundary. He soon got to his 30 and retired, although having batted so well for one so young, Portcullis wished him to remain at the crease in order for him to develop further. He had batted so well for one so young. Young Abbot went soon after. Driving an uppish ball from Phillip, the ball sped towards Dave Elrick in the covers. Elrick parried the ball initially as it was going at good pace but was aware enough to clutch the ball at the second attempt to take a fine catch. Young Abbott gone for a splendid 24 (2 x 4).Banchory 68-3.

After that wickets fell steadily as the young Banchorians struggled to keep up with the run-rate. They did however bat into the 30th over reaching 110. Having had lost a player halfway through the match. Portcullis’s Jake Dawson turned up to watch the match as duly guested for the Bancons.

This was too much for his close friend Ross McKenzie and he bowled Dawson with an absolute snorter. This left the returning retiree C. Wilson (Jnr) on 35 not out (4x4).

Portcullis capturing their first win of the season although this league is more about development than winning and losing.

Pick of the bowlers for Portcullis was Dave Mitchell whose 4 over spell yielded 2-2. Ross McKenzie finished with 2-9, Andy Philip finished with 2-14, Owen Thorpe with 2-23 and Chris Poolman took 1-25.

For Banchory C.Wilson (Jnr) took top honours with 35 not out. C. Abbott impressed greatly with 24 whilst C. Wilson (Snr) made 10.

Although they lost today the Banchory youngsters impressed mightily. They have some great talent and potential in their ranks and will only get better with age.

That’s Portcullis played three matches in the R & D Sunday League and the one consistent factor throughout these matches is of the quality of cricketing youngsters they have come up against. The young players that have been on show have impressed us all and we at Portcullis dof our caps to the coaching abilities of Gordonians, Stoneywood Dyce and Banchory in producing such fine talent.


Ex- skipper DAVE MITCHELL takes the plaudits for his knock of 31 and figures of 2-2. Chris Owens deserves a mention for 32 and tight bowling spell of 7 overs for 9 runs.


C. WILSON (Jnr) takes the honours for BANCHORY. His knock of 35 not out and bowling figures of 1-33 was most impressive. C. Abbott with his knock of 24 deserves a mention as well. His bowling too was of a high standard and he will be a force to reckonwith as he gets older.


DAVE ELRICK takes the honours for his parried catch at close range from the bat of C. Abbot. This extraordinary well taken catch adding further fuel to the rumours that he naturally grows Velcro through the pores of his skin!

Next up it’s Reid Cup action. Portcullis handed the glamorous but tricky away tie to Crathie CC.

Friday, 02 June, 2017

Innings of Portcullis

#NameR46How OutBowlerKeeperFielderComments
2C.Owens323Retired Out
3A.Philip132Hit WicketC.Wilson (Jnr)
4D.Mitchell316Retired Out
5D.Forbes11BowledC.Wilson (Jnr)
10C.Poolman2Not out
11R.CollinsonDid not bat
Leg Byes1
No Balls2
2C.Wilson (Jnr)500033216.56.62.5

Innings of Banchory 2nds

#NameR46How OutBowlerKeeperFielderComments
4C.Wilson (Jnr)354Not out
11G.Brown0Timed Out
Leg Byes0
No Balls0