AGSFP 2nds v. Portcullis - Sunday, 04 June, 2017

Toss was won by AGSFP 2nds, who chose to bat.

AGSFP 2nds : 94 for 4.

Portcullis : 51 all out.

Rain, Sun and Cricketing Fun

Sunday June 24th saw a band of 9 Portcullians take on the magnificent 7 of Grammar select. The game saw a grand display of sportsmanship, as both sides offered their help in every stage of the game.

The fixture was held at Rubislaw, despite much confusion regarding whether it was Rubislaw or Harlaw during the lead up to the game. However, everyone managed to find their way to the pitch before the set start time.

The weather had put a literal dampener on the start of the game as the rain had poured all morning. Yet the pitch stayed solid and with an artificial wicket the match could still go ahead. Captain T. Williams won the toss against his counterpart C. Celland and opted to bat; much to the dismay of opponent player C. Herd who had evidently feeling worse for wear after his activities the night before. Both captains also agreed to reduce the overs to a t20 due to the stormy skies that sat above them at the start of play.

The game started with Portcullis lending A. Blackburn and R. Collinson as fielders help the 7 in the field for Grammar. This however was unwelcomed news for openers C. Poolman and A. Philip as this tightened the field and reduced the run rate at the start for the Cullis boys. To make matters worse A. Philip thumped one off Ali’s bowling in to the hands of R. ‘traitor’ Collinson’s hands. A. Philip dismissed for 0. Next in D. Elrick.

The partnership of D. Elrick and C. Poolman was short lived as after a quick shot from C. Poolman led to him being run out as he chased for a second run. C. Poolman finished on a decent 3, yet he and his teammates viewed that he could have scored more. D. Elrick was the next to fall. However, rather than being Bowled or Caught; D. Elrick was caught plum in the knee with a ball racing back into the strikers end after a quick single. D. Elrick retired on 0.

As the feeling that the old friend C. Ollapse was a on the horizon with Dobey (4), Winstanley (5), Dawson (3) and Williams (1) all falling for small scores. However, the collapse was staved off with the introduction of R. Collinson who batted through the rest of the overs and secured a 16 not out whilst batting with A ‘Burn’ Blackburn who got 3 and C. Poolman who had been resurrected to score a further 2 runs.

After a quick turnaround, the men of Portcullis retook the field to face a strong batting line up. A. Philip and A. Blackburn opened the bowling for the Green caps with some tight bowling. A. Philip restricting his first two overs to only 2 runs being conceded. Blackburn was similar with his spell going for 11 runs. However, no wickets had yet to fall. In came A. Dobey to change that with one in his first over as young Ali swung to set up an easy catch up for J. Dawson take. Dobey finished his spell 1-7.

As Dobey’s excellent spell ended at the other end the spell of R. Collison began holding his 3 overs with a nice tight total of 0-8 off 3. Dobey was followed by Poolman who was unfortunately hit a few times to the boundary by J. Davey who decided to retire on 34. Next in was El Capitano T. Williams who went fishing for catches and luckily got a bite in young Monnapillai whose drive landed into the hands of C. Poolman. Williams did two overs and then swapped himself into wicket keep with Winstanley. Winstanley came into bowl and managed to grab a wicket through a nicked ball that fell perfectly into the new keepers grasp. Finally the bowler we had all been waiting for, J. Dawson came into bowl; a man unsure of his talents no more after an in swinging ball was left and LBW was given. First Wicket for Dawson in a green cap.

Despite both sides being short of players the day was like the weather. Started of gloomy, yet finished with a flurry of perfect sunshine.

Portcullis Man of the Match

R. Collinson takes the plaudits with his strong 16 not out and his tight bowling. More importantly, he offered sound advice to his young captain which helped lead to Williams’ catch.

Special Mentions to J. Dawson on getting his first wicket for the club and A. Dobey for his solid batting and bowling; he’s still got it.

AGSFP Man of the Match

J. Davey with his 34 retired and how he tried his upmost best to keep the younger players of strike whenever he could.

Special Mentions to both Ali and Monnapillai for their lovely bowling displays.

Tuesday, 06 June, 2017

Innings of AGSFP 2nds

#NameR46How OutBowlerKeeperFielderComments
1J.Davey3423Retired Out
4R.Knudson172Not out
5C.Herd2221Not out
Leg Byes0
No Balls2

Innings of Portcullis

#NameR46How OutBowlerKeeperFielderComments
1C.Poolman5Run Out
3D.Elrick0Retired Hurt
8R.Collinson16Not out
Leg Byes3
No Balls1