Portcullis v. Methlick 2nds - Saturday, 04 August, 2018

Toss was won by Portcullis, who chose to field.

Methlick 2nds : 162 for 9 (30).

Portcullis : 101 all out (14).

Portcullis Defeated by the Merry Men of Methlick!

Week fifteen of the Grades season saw Portcullis face the challenge of Methlick 2nds back on their home turf of Duthie Park. For Portcullis they would be looking to extend their winning run in the Grades to five whilst Methlick 2nds would be seeking to avenge the 7 wicket defeat three weeks earlier.

Skipper Shovon Mostofa managed to sustain his recent happy knack of winning tosses and invited his opposite skipper Rob Fryer and his team to bat first.

The batting for Methlick 2nds would be opened by Rob Fryer and the impressive looking M. Woodhouse (not that Rob looked unimpressive!). For Portcullis the new cherry would be shared by their left arm combination of Ross McKenzie and Brian Harper.

The first five overs were tight with neither side giving anything away. Runs and wickets being hard to come by as the early thrusts and parries by both sides being equal.

The sixth over – Harper’s third was when the first blow was landed. His tricky swing and seam bowling evading the defences of Woodhouse, clipping the outside of off stump to bowl the opener. Methlick 10-1.

10-1 became 10-2 as McKenzie captured the prize wicket of Fryer. Fryer had opened his account with a spectacular pull for six over mid-wicket. He tried the same shot again, but this time proved to be his downfall. On this occasion he caught the top edge of the bat, clipping it skyward towards mid-wicket. A loud call was followed by impressive ground making as Skipper Mostofa run in from the deep to take a fantastic catch!

This turn of events brought the pairing of Shahid Choudry and J. Boughey to the crease. Portcullis would be paying special attention to Choudry who hit a spectacular 81 not out in his previous Grade Three fixture against Dunecht.

10-2 soon became 14-3 as Ross McKenzie bowled Boughey with one of his trademark inswingers. The luckless Boughey could do little with such as special delivery.

Next man in was B. Carr. The arrival of Carr at the crease brought about some much needed stability to the Methlick batting. The dangerous Choudry had worryingly settled in at the crease and was going through the gears. A flurry of fours surrounding a sumptuous six over square leg. The pair added 35 for the fourth wicket. The opening pair of Harper and McKenzie were seen off in the meantime to be replaced by Shovon Mostofa and Owen Thorpe.

It would be Mostofa who would make the breakthrough. A fine flighted delivery defeating Carr bowling the plucky batsman. He did not leave however without peppering the boundary a couple of times himself. Methlick 2nds 47-4.

This brought the young left hander R. Kennedy to the crease. He looked to solid and precise of technique, and never looked in trouble. He proved to be the perfect anchor man and foil to the swashbuckling batting of a now fully rampant Choudry. It seemed that partnerships (worryingly for Portcullis) of 35 were the order of the day for Methlick. The score went onto 82 before the next wicket fell. For Portcullis it was the welcome dismissal of the lethal but luckless Choudry. And again, it was from the bowling of Mostofa.

Mostofa got one to stay low whilst Choudry appeared to have lost sight of the delivery. The ball rapped the distracted Choudry on the foot in front of the stumps and he was given out lbw. In a way it was a shame as he was batting so well and deserved to be dismissed in a more conventional way Methlick 82-5 and Choudry back to the trees with a magnificent 43 to his name. Portcullis were not too fussed about the style of

This brought about P. Chalmers to the crease. The pair added nine runs to the total before young Kennedy fell, mistiming a drive from the bowling of new bowler Andy Phillip. Thorpe completing the catch, to give the Portcullis all-rounder a welcome wicket in his opening over. Methlick 91-6

91-6 became 97-7 as Mostofa, with a beautifully flighted off-spinner completely deceived Chalmers bowling him with a delivery of subtle charm.

This sudden turn of events brought about the pairing of Grant Cordiner and Deni Sarafimoski to the crease.

This partnership would be the defining one for Methlick 2nds. Cordiner first five scoring shots were all boundaries as were Sarifimoski’s first two. The pair continued to score freely for the Methlick 2nds side took the game away from the City Centre Green Caps.

Portcullis skipper shuffled the pack with his bowling attack, trying to find a breakthrough but it was not to come. The experienced Cordiner had been in situations like this plenty times before he scored runs freely and marshalled Methlick’s attack quite superbly. Sarafimoski, fresh from his sudden promotion to the firsts the week before and his timely knock against Knightriders 2nds (as reported by Jack Nixon), continued to bat well with his new found confidence and really looked the part with the willow.

Methlick’s 8th wicket partnership yielded a match winning 55 runs. The partnership ended when Sarafimoski fell to a fine full delivery from Owen Thorpe which demolished his stumps. Sarafimoski having the last laugh though as he went back to the trees with a splendid knock of 18.

Brian Harper came back to remove Sarafimoski’s replacement at the crease A. Hill with a splendid wobble ball that hoodwinked the Methlick tail ender.

This brought last man A. Green to the crease. Fair play to the Methlick no 11. Not only did he remain undefeated, he rotated the strike with danger man Cordiner and made sure Portcullis would not have the satisfaction of getting Methlick 2nds all out.

As a result, Methlick 2nds completed their innings on 162 for 9 from their 45 overs. This was a fine effort from the Lairds men. Shahid Choudry top scored with a marvellous 43 (6x4, 2x6). Had it not been for a horrible grubber that trapped him lbw he could have gone onto a far, far higher score. Almost as equally impressive was Grant Cordiner’s knock of 41 not out (8x4). He marshalled the lower order quite magnificently from 97-7 to 162-9. The other double digit scorer for Methlick 2nds was Demi Sarafimoski with 18 (3 x 4). His partnership with Cordiner of immense value.

Portcullis’s bowling was led by their skipper Shovon Mostofa with 3-38 from his twelve overs. His mixture of spin and seam executed quite brilliantly. On another day it could have yielded a five-for. He was ably backed up by Brian Harper (10-2-23-2), Ross McKenzie (12-3-34-2), Andy Phillip (6-2-20-1) and Owen Thorpe (5-0-27-1).

Tea was taken, and the masses were delighted to see that Mrs Falconer had supplied two large flasks of her world famous Lentil soup (Rumours that Baxter’s have tried to sign her on a Bosman have yet to be confirmed or denied!). The fayre on offer might not be a splendid as what Methlick produce on a Lairds match day but we do try our best!

With tea finished it was time for Portcullis to post their reply. They would once again open with the pairing of Dave Forbes and Ronnie Falconer. For Methlick the new cherry would be shared by Shahid Choudry and young R. Kennedy.

It would be Kennedy who would strike in his first over. A wide was given during that first over which allowed Kennedy to purchase an extra delivery within it. He took full advantage of the ‘lucky’ seven ball. He produced a cracking ball that rose off short of a length that followed Forbes into his helmet. It was all he could do to glove it towards the slip cordon and into the welcoming hands of B. Carr. Portcullis 2-1.

Owen Thorpe came into join Falconer at the crease. Thorpe, he of two fifties and one marvellous Grade Three hundred this season, looked to be batting with pristine technique. Initially with Falconer looking solid at the other end, the pair looked to be in control. Choudry had other ideas though. His probing sharp outswingers finally doing for Falconer when an ill-judged waft outside off stump saw him cut one towards point. Mark Woodhouse was patrolling that spot and made no mistake with the catch Portcullis 14-2.

14-2 became 17-3 as new batsman Andy Phillip became Kennedy’s second victim with a splendid piece of bowling. The youngster producing a delivery of outstanding quality. He got his good length delivery to pitch middle and leg and then jag back and clip the top of off stump! Perfect!

Portcullis were in big trouble at this stage as skipper Shovon Mostofa made his way to the crease to join Thorpe. If there was pressure on Mostofa he did well to hide it. He came to the crease and batted with an immediate serenity and calm. His touch was good, his timing perfect and he looked to be gearing himself towards a big score. Thorpe looked classy as well as he went about his business. Slowly and surely, confidence was being restored within the Portcullis camp.

Then disaster struck!

It was perhaps poignant it came from the excellent bowling of Choudry. He had bowled well in his opening spell, producing a few fine deliveries that deserved wickets. He also fell, with bat in hand, to a grubber from the bowling of Mostofa. This time the tables were turned on Mostofa. Choudry, uncharacteristically, pitching one short, saw the ball barely get off the ground. It shot forward under Mostofa’s bat, bowling the unfortunate skipper. Portcullis 36-4.

Instant Karma!

This brought Andrew Blackwell to the crease. Over the last couple of seasons Blackwell had produced a few fine knocks on a Sunday but had yet to produce one of those on a Saturday.

Today would be a fine chance to start.

With Thorpe supporting he started solidly enough. An early two to settle the nerves was followed by a fine thumping pull through midwicket for an easy four. Blackwell looked to reproducing the Sabbath touch.

The pair took the score onto 57 before Thorpe fell to the sucker punch.

Thorpe, recognising the threat of Choudry, batted within himself. The plan was to see off the Methlick opening bowler. On doing that the plan would be to reconcile and maybe make a fresh attack on the remainder of the bowling.

The first part of the plan was achieved. The potent bowling of Choudry finished for the day. Part A achieved. Part B then all went to pot.

With Choudry gone from the attack it was the turn of A. Hill to bowl. His first delivery destroyed Plan B (not the musician I may add!). Hill bowled a full toss pie onto the hip of Thorpe. Thorpe, having previously been conditioned by Choudry’s spell, could only pop it up towards square leg where – yes you guessed it! – his tormentor Choudry was on hand to take a simple catch. Thorpe gone for a sublime 21. Portcullis 57-5.

As with buses, nothing for ages and then two come at the same time. The second wicket sadly (for Portcullis) fell with no further score.

It came in the first ball of the next over – A. Green’s third – and it was something special. Green bowled a full ball which Blackwell dug out and clipped it back to the right of the onrushing Green decelerating his follow through. Green threw himself to the right and thrust his hand out instinctively to grab onto a corker of catch.!! Portcullis 57-6.

Game over. Betfair stopped trading in-play!

This sudden turn of events then brought a ginger double act to the crease. The youth came in the shape of Ross McKenzie whilst the experience was in the form of Bob Adie.

The pair settled in and took the score onto 77 before silliness ensued. McKenzie had played himself in and began to score freely. He was hitting the ball cleanly as his confidence grew. That confidence grew perhaps too much. As a result McKenzie decided to entertain the Duthie Park masses with a Dilshan scoop. This was his winning shot against Methlick 2nds in the Reid Cup Quarter Final and he could not resist trying it once more against the bowling of Carr.

It proved to be his downfall though as he could only scoop it into the welcome gloves of change wicket keeper Deni Sarafimoski. Portcullis 77-7.

Dave Elrick joined Bob Adie at the crease to offer some much needed support. Adie was having a fine time out there. He settled himself in ad began to play a few shots through the covers for boundaries. The score went onto 89 before Elrick fell to Carr as well. Elrick drove a full length ball towards mid-on. Alas the drive did not have enough minerals to clear the waiting Chalmers and a solid catch was completed to see of the distraught Elrick.

Toby Williams was next man and he joined a far from distraught Bob Adie. Bob was having fun and this was shown none more so when he stepped into a decent Hill delivery and dispatched it with ease through extra cover for a magnificent four.

The pair took Portcullis onto three figures before they fell in quick succession. Adie went first as he became Carr’s third wicket. Carr got one to rise higher than usual. Adie fended at it but could only plop it up into the slip region where the steady hands of Green held onto a good catch.

Adie gone for a top score of 25 and, as it turned out, his highest ever score for the club! A fine effort from the exceptionally fit 69 year old. A write up in the P&J to follow and rightly so!

Williams fell in the next over. It was to the accurate bowling of Grant Cordiner. Cordiner enticed Williams to drive one towards mid on. Hill was placed at short mid on and athough the ball was motoring, Hill showed remarkable reflexes to thrust a hand out and take a superb one handed catch.

It was an apt way to finish this game. Portcullis all out for 101. Methlick 2nds deservedly winning by 61 runs in a wonderfully spirited match.

For Portcullis Bob Adie top scored with 25 (4x4). The other players to reach double digits were Owen Thorpe with 21 (3x4), Shovon Mostofa 15 (3x4), and Ross McKenzie 11 (2x4).

The Methlick bowling was led by B. Carr who returned figures of 3-17. The other wicket takers were Shahid Choudry (8-2-22-2), R. Kennedy (6-0-24-2), G. Cordiner (3.1-1-9-1), A. Hill (7-4-11-1) and A. Green (6-1-17-1).

This defeat for Portcullis looked to have finally put paid to any aspirations of promotion this season. For Methlick 2nds this was a welcomed and well deserved victory which cemented their mid table position.


It has to be the one and only BOB ADIE. An inspirational knock!


It was tight between Grant Cordiner and SHAHID CHOUDRY. Shahid takes it for his excellent knock of 43 and his bowling of 2-22 from 8 overs as well as his fine catch. Cordiner deserves praise for his unbeaten knock of 41 which wagged the Methlick tail and took the match away from Portcullis.


An event normally reserved for Portcullis only, this week the award was passed onto Methlick in recognition of the EIGHT catches they took. A. Hill cdesrves praise for his splendid catch to dismiss Toby Williams but this week’s award goes to A. GREEN for his superb caught and bowled to remove Andrew Blackwell.


BOB ADIE’S drive through extra cover for four was the cherry on top of the cake if his splendid knock of 25!

Wednesday, 08 August, 2018

Innings of Methlick 2nds

#NameR46How OutBowlerKeeperFielderComments
8G.Cordiner418Not out
11A.Green4Not out
Leg Byes1
No Balls2

Innings of Portcullis

#NameR46How OutBowlerKeeperFielderComments
11B.Harper0Not out
Leg Byes0
No Balls1