Merchandising!! Merchandising!!!

Portcullis HatAttention all kit geeks!!!! Portcullis caps are now available for purchase from your friendly treasurer. Just approach him at training or match days with £12.50 in your hand and one of these fine non baggy green articles can be yours. Just don't ask him for a loan or he may dissolve into a smouldering pile of rage!!!

Pleasurable Start for Portcullis!

Portcullis CC at KemnayThe dawn of the Nair era in Portcullis history got off to a perfect start at Kemnay CC's Pleasure Park on Saturday with a 5 wicket victory. A superb all round bowling effort, led by the irrepresible Andy Maidment, was backed up with some top quality catching and fielding which restricted the home side to a below par 117 all out in the 42nd over. Despite a late scare 65 from Maidment (full of trademark biffs), backed up by 25 from new opener Alex Bryce, took Portcullis to a deserved victory.

Shakey Start for Portcullis

It's Shakey!
The Portcullis Way - It's Shakey!

Portcullis's season is set to improve if the shakey start made yesterday against Stonehaven is anything to go by.

Both teams were fielding several new players, with N.Shetty, A.Leathem and R.Falconner on the Portcullis books matched by R.Balsillie and D.Anderson for Stonehaven. Portcullis were not fazed by the sight of such grades luminaries on the team sheet and set about the Stonehaven batting with gusto, with Andrew Maidment despatching a floundering Anderson with the final ball of his first over. The first few overs went reasonably well for Portcullis, with Maidment proving particularly hard to handle. Kris Nair was somewhat more productive for the batsmen, but when he was replaced by Nitin Shetty the runs dried up as the batsmen struggled to handle the combination of Shetty's cunnning spin and Maidment's vicious pace.


One of the good things about having all of our results stored on the web site database is that it is relatively easy to pull out all sorts of weird and wonderful statistics. Much has been said in the past about both our relative propensity to give our team mates out LBW compared to the opposition, so I thought I’d see if was actually true or not.

Of the 587 wickets we’ve lost since 2005, 57 have been to LBW (9.71%). Of the 536 wickets we’ve taken, 51 have been to LBW (9.51%).

That indicates to me that, whatever the rights and wrongs of any individual calls (and I’m sure we can all bring several absolute shockers to mind without any effort at all), overall we give pretty much as we get. And we need to take more wickets.

Portcullis Paintball Day

16 May 2010 - 10:00am
16 May 2010 - 2:00pm

Portcullis's first Paintball day will be on Sunday 16th May. Cost will be £25/head, which includes your Marker, Mask, Overalls and your first 200 balls. Extra packs of balls are available at £10 each.

Email the secretary as soon as possible if you would like to take part.

A Paintballer

Paintballer shown for illustrative purposes only. Actual paintballer may be less attractive.

Practice makes perfect..

Weather permitting (and the forecast looks promising) the first practice of the year will take place at 6pm at Duthie Park. Come along and learn how to field like Jimmy A and drop like Jimmy A!!

Players old and new are encouraged to attend and all will be made welcome regardless of ability. The first game is not far away now so if you want to get your name on the MVP trophy (or just not ship too much coinage in dropped catch fines) we'll see you there.......

General Winter Hits Portcullis Preseason

Whilst the county champions are playing with their pink balls in Abu Dhabi, heavy rain and snow have forced the likely cancellation of our first outdoor practice due this Wednesday. Watch your phones for any late updates but barring a miracle and lots of sunshine practice will be off until next week. Blame Bill Giles.

Spring is in the Air

The clocks go forward this weekend, and that can mean only one thing - it's time for the sleeping leviathan that is Portcullis CC to shake off its winter slumbers and emerge blinking into the light. Or something like that.

Anyway - outdoor practice starts next Wednesday (31st March) on the plastic wicket in Duthie Park at 6pm sharp. Practice sessions will be managed by our newly qualified coach, Dave Elrick, so be prepared to work up a bit of a sweat!

Any prospective new players are welcome to attend and join in - just come over and introduce yourself. We don't bite.

Follow Portcullis on Twitter

Twitter Follow all the latest news and results from Portcullis CC on our brand new Twitter feed. (No doubt an idea soon to be imitated by several less exclusive cricket clubs...)

Practice Sessions

Indoor Net PracticeThe final indoor net session will be at Sheddocksley this Sunday at 12.00 noon until 2.00pm.

Regular outdoor practice sessions will be held every Wednesday evening from 6pm on the plastic wicket in Duthie Park. The first one will be on 31st March, and they will run through to the end of the season.

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